A note on the information provided by Arthritis Care

Documents sent from Arthritis Care are provided for information only and should not be considered as medical recommendations or advice. Some of the information enclosed in this pack may come from outside the UK. This means, for example, that some of the drug names may be different, and sources of help quoted are not available in the UK.

Medical information is often controversial and continually changing. Arthritis Care is not responsible for errors or omissions in the information.

Any aids or equipment mentioned in this pack are for information only. Arthritis Care does not endorse or recommend any particular aids or equipment nor does it endorse any specific manufacturer or supplier. Any contact details of suppliers given are merely illustrative.

Please consult your GP or Specialist to discuss any specific concerns or if you are considering changing treatment in any way e.g adding dietary supplements, adopting different exercises not supplied or recommended by your health professional.

Information Department 2016

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